Finally took the plunge into the “micro-computing” world and purchased a Raspberry Pi 2.

The primary reason for buying one is to automate my esxi backups to an external disk. At the moment I am sort of a sitting duck in that I have no (easy) external back up solution in place for all my virtual machines. My esxi host is on RAID 1, but that could sideways really fast, so for months (or at least since last year when I setup my server) I have been mulling over possible backup solutions…you know, in the event of “catastrophic disk failure”. Can you tell I am paranoid?

My original plan was the use my C3700 Netgear Router’s NAS Functionality, but it turns out the disk options are limited to a select few Western Digital and Seagate models.  I suspect the reasoning behind this is that some of the NAS “work” is passed to the disk as opposed to the router doing all the heavy lifting. The downside is that I bought the wrong model, but the upside is I got it for really cheap on Black Friday (no I didn’t stand in any lines, I ordered online from my bed). So this left me with a backup disk, but no way to get the backups onto the disk…Rapsberry Pi to the rescue!

Now months later I am just getting around to buying a pi. Its one of those purchases that seemed simple but once I started “down the rabbit hole” of parts required to run a pi I was soon inundated with too many browser tabs just to compare things like cases. This eventually caused me to be overwhelmed and put the whole purchase on hold, until last night when I just jumped in. 

I settled on Amazon as the vendor because of Prime free shipping, and a kit (which was definitely more economical than the piecemeal route). The only thing I needed to buy extra was the MicroSD card, but that was very reasonable at $10.99 for 32GB.

Now its a waiting game with the post office…