Ability weekend in Cupertino was a blast!

Spending the weekend working on the garden area of the camp, seeing our work come together piece by piece was so gratifying. All the brothers put in a lot of hard work and I could see that this is what I mean when I say brotherhood. These guys coming together to do something together for others in need and who will benefit from it.

Beyond the construction work though, I believe the friendship visit really was the defining part of the whole weekend. Previous GAP/Ability weekends have been without friendship visits and the only ones I have been a part of were on the Journey of Hope. The dynamic is a bit different from JoH and these weekend events. In such a short amount time we have to come together as brothers, and become humbled by our experience with the people we are visiting. The level of nervousness for me was two-fold in this respect especially since dance events require a lot of stepping outside your comfort zone. To add another layer to being hesitant, the dance was also a costume party. We were allowed to raid the camp costume storage and we all got into wearing some fun costumes. I chose a full Scooby Doo costume…it might have been a little snug, but it was worth it as a few campers loved it. Despite the hesitation of the dance and silly costumes, I saw a lot of my brothers taking the chance and just having a fun time. It was heart warming to see this and it really made my weekend.

I had the chance to connect with one of the campers, whom just happened to love Scooby Doo. She was so excited to see my costume and didn’t want to be around anyone else for the night. Even after the dance I had spent time with her and one of the counselors hanging out. It was a connection that made my weekend and coming to an Ability Experience event so worth it.

I definitely enjoyed being a part of the event and I can’t wait to attend more of them in the coming months.