Succulents Galore!

Succulents Galore!

After months of putting it off I finally put to use my glass container/bowl for a terrarium!

Every morning on the way to work I pass a little plant shop that sells these succulent plants for $2.50 each or 2 for $4.00. I finally took the plunge this morning and just bought $8 worth. The shop owner was very chipper and helpful as she boxed them up for me so I could easily transport these 4 little plants to work one-handed. I can’t say what kind of succulents they are since I am not that well versed yet in identification (I can only accurately identified the Crassula Ovata variant), but I am doing my best to learn…as well as just enjoy.

After a long day of work (and a quick stop at Daiso to pick up some dedicated tools for this project) I came home to find out my girlfriend had went out earlier that day and bought me another succulent. So in total I had 5 little plants that I needed to fit into this tiny jar…I had my work cut out for me.

Of course despite all the books, articles and how-to guides I had at my disposal I just jumped right into planting these little ones without really a plan except that I wanted to fit everyone into this jar. The one thing I did try to stick to was “big plants at back, small plants up front”, which probably doesn’t matter since it’s a circular container.

First, I tried layering the bottom of the bowl with some brown and tan rocks I had left over from an old aquarium, but it ended up being more less mixed rock and soil at the bottom as I moved the plants around and attempted to get them leveled. Speaking of soil, after reading about it later, simple potting soil may (or may not) be the best for these plants, but I think I think they will be fine with soil they came with.

During one of my breaks I noticed some movement in the bowl, and to my surprise a millipede was wondering around in the soil. After some quick googling, we found millipedes are harmless, where as centipedes are the ones we should be afraid of. Supposedly millipedes eat dead plant matter and assist with keeping soil healthy so instead of tossing the little bug outside I kept it around until the terrarium was complete.

Cleanup, pack away my “succulent” tools, water with succulent plant food, put “Max-a-million-legs” the millipede into the jar and I was able to sit back and enjoy.