Day 40 – Pratt, KS – Friendship Visit with Arrowhead West

Today was the second of three visits with Arrowhead west. Today I realize I broke through another level of my comfort zone…singing karaoke.

Before getting into the comfort zone thing I just have to explain that today was definitely a good day. We are back in the “groove” as I have been saying since we passed the half way point of our trip. Despite the everyday challenges (route changes, heat, lack of time, etc) everything is going great. 

Beyond that the friendship visits is where it all matters and it is really where the trip counts the most for me. Today we spent time with clients from the Arrowhead West organization at the Teen Center in Pratt. Once again a warm welcoming as our team walked across the way from the vans to the center. Cheering, clapping and many introductions with hand shaking was so invigorating especially after the long hot day on the road.

Our team headed into the center with everyone and had lunch while mingling and chatting with everyone. The center had a lot different activities like basket ball hoops, board games, pool, air hockey and best of all karaoke. 

There wasn’t much structure, but the team really just jumped right in to whatever interested them as well as the clients. I found myself at a karaoke activity somehow and at first I was pretty shy, but after a few songs it was just another good time with no worries. 

Honestly, I am not much for karaoke because I get shy pretty easily, but this instance I wasn’t too concerned and really enjoyed it. I would have to say with inspiration of my team mates doing it along with clients really helped me just go for it and not worry about how I sounded. It was awesome break through of comfort level for me.

I can’t count how many songs we went through but it was such a blast and I could tell that those who joined us were just having a great time. 

As usual our time was up and we all settled in for a big group picture said our goodbyes and headed out. 2 hours never seem enough and we always have to move on, but so many great memories and experiences occur…can’t wait for the next visit 🙂