Beautiful day at camp stand by me for Journey of Hope crew training #pushamerica #joh2013

Yesterday was a seriously beautiful day at Camp Stand By Me!

The crew training is going SO well and I feel like the connections here are really setting the tone for very strong teams this summer.

Bainbridge Island Dinner Visit

This weekend the project managers, crew chiefs and logistics coordinator of each respective route have been under the same roof working hard to prep for the arrival of the remaining crew and eventually all the cyclists.

Today was a special treat though as we got a break from the city life for a dinner sponsored by the Trans America crew chief’s family on Bainbridge island.

The island is in the Puget sound overlooking the city skyline of Seattle, in which we had to take a ferry to get to it.

Fun fact: Bill Gates lives on this island!

We could not have asked for anything better and I (as I am sure the rest of the guys here) feel so blessed to have such great weather, great company and delicious food.

I took many pictures enroute to and from the island, here are a few that I picked that I enjoyed the most.

I may have to start posting more on the way to doing things as opposed to waiting since tumblr limits to 10 pictures per post (which may be good for my sake in ensuring a quality picture as opposed to quantity).

Living out of 2 Bags for the Summer…GO!

Just finished packing up all my stuff for the Summer (minus a few toiletries). Everything initially didn’t fit so well, but I started cutting things out and deciding what was necessary and what wasn’t (despite having so little already).

I will literally be living out of these bags until late August…excited yet anxious haha. Here’s to experience!